Go Green OC - "The Strategy"

  We want solutions that involve maximizing source reduction, reuse, recycling and composting.


Start Recycling

Go Green OC wants to re-introduce dual-stream traditional recycling in Ocean City starting with cardboard. Burning of recyclables is unacceptable!


End incineration

According to Covanta, "waste incineration is not recycling.". Although, they pull metals from the ash to be recycled, other sourced materials are incinerated and the remaining ash is buried in a landfill.


zero waste

Go Green OC will introduce the beginning stages of a Zero Waste plan.  We will start with basic composting in local restaurants.


Phase 1 - Removing “weight” from the waste stream.
We want to introduce composting to Ocean City. After introducing composting with a goal of removing 30% of organic waste, we want to focus on cardboard recycling.

Phase 2 - Recycling
Go Green OC wants to introduce dual-stream recycling to businesses in Year 1.  Currently, we are consulting with a local recycling company to walk us through the process of setting up an efficient sorting plant.  The burden of cost is a huge issue, so we have made contacts with consultants who can provide available grants (like $7 per recycling container!) and zero-interest loans (Closed Loop Partners).
We want a West OC drop off center to be established.

Phase 3 - Zero Waste
Our zero waste strategy also umbrellas micro-stages that include banning/fees of plastic bags, the complete removal of plastic bottles from Ocean City (with the use of Just Water), and conversion of local festivals into zero waste.
What we need: VOLUNTEERS and lots of them.

Phase 3 - Rebranding and Marketing
Recycling and saving the environment should be cool.  We need to rebrand how we view waste in our community.  After all, Ocean City is doing some incredible green efforts and know one is hearing about them.  We need to be shouting them from the rooftop.  
Go Green OC
• owning the title, "Ocean City is the fist resort town in the United States moving towards zero waste"
• weekly videos highlighting businesses who are superstars in our community and posting on social media (Facebook and Instagram)
• a new social media strategy focused on the environment and achievements
• nationwide news coverage
• partnerships with Green companies to highlight and push how incredible we are
• new community outreach programs
• open forums for discussion and exploration of creative and innovative ideas
• User Generated Content (UGC) - let's hear from the community and learn what others are doing #GoGreenOC

Keep in mind, our strategy is always changing as we meet with community members and town officials. Show your support by signing our online form and tagging us #GoGreenOC