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 Josh Chamberlain walks the beach in Ocean City, 1987

Josh Chamberlain walks the beach in Ocean City, 1987

Go Green OC President - Josh Chamberlain
"I grew up on the beaches of Ocean City.  I played under the boardwalk as a kid, ran through the streets of Shantytown, crabbed off the rocks at Stinky Beach, managed businesses, owned a business and lived downtown.  This is my home and I will do everything I can to make it better for my children and the children who live here."  

Our campaign is run by community members, business leaders and organizations that want the best for our planet.  Go Green OC did much more than a simple Google search.  We hit the streets talking to Covanta, environmentalist, activist, scientist, state and local organizations, consultants, Worcester County officials, City Council Members and community members. Let's work together to improve lives and build on the momentum of Ocean City's incredible green legacy!  Join the campaign now.

Go Green OC Vice President - Deb Heft
Deb Heft joins GO Green OC as VP after a lifetime of efforts towards helping to create a more socially conscious and environmentally sensitive culture. Having helped start the first recycling program in Fairfax as a prime mover, VA GGOC is coming full circle on personal interests and efforts towards zero waste (ok-not zero waste yet!), initiative of reduced consumption, reuse of materials, recycling, composting and activism in daily life. Living full time in Ocean City for many years now, volunteering with GO Green OC provides a unique opportunity to further higher bar programs, choices and efforts which impact the sustainability and fragility of our unique natural world.  

Go Green OC (More coming soon)

You can’t win together if you don’t work together.
— Nick Saban

What We've Achieved (updated weekly)

• Phone conferenced with Covanta regarding their incineration practices (April 19)
• Travelled to Washington D.C. to meet organizations and environmentalist (April 21)
• Travelled to Chester, Pennsylvania to meet with community residents affected by the trash incinerator. (April 28)
• Launched Press Tour (May 7)
• Held speech in front of Ocean City Green Team (May 9)
• Hosted first Beach Clean-Up (May 12)
• Launched secret-mission project (June 30)
• Hosted second Beach Clean-Up (July 5)
• Attended Green Team Meeting (July 11)
• Launched Compost Pilot Program (Sep 14-Oct 14)
• Assigned new Vice President Deb Heft to Go Green OC board (Sept 08)