Go Green OC Launches Pilot Compost Program in Ocean City

Go Green OC is committed to our three goals.  We hope to start a re-initiate a recycling program (starting with cardboard), end waste incineration and move towards zero waste.   Moving towards zero waste includes the launch of a new Pilot Compost Program.  The program includes a national partnership with Sunbelt Rentals, local partnerships with the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, an organic farm in Berlin and The Hobbit restaurant. "Normally, these food scraps would be sent to an incinerator but we are repurposing them in our local market", says Josh Chamberlain, founder of Go Green OC.

Composting is nothing new to Ocean City.  Years ago, a program was launched to remove oyster shells from one restaurant but failed to materialize. But we are doing things differently!  The Go Green OC Pilot Compost Program will run from September 14th until mid October.  Our incredible volunteers will be moving organic waste from The Hobbit restaurant on 81st street to our organic local farm nearly three times a week.  

The main goal of this program is simply to gather data (and a ton of it!).  We want to show diversion rates, proof of concept and most importantly how this will benefit our local Ocean City community (and beyond).  Go Green OC wants to save Ocean City a ton of money while also creating big business opportunities for local farmers.  The most important road to success, is to keep this program private and small.  Unfortunately, when government becomes involved, cost skyrocket.  Simply using pickup trucks rather than large garbage trucks allows for a range of flexibility.

Here are some fun facts:
+ When added to soil, compost can diver 60-95% of storm pollutants
+ Golf courses LOVE compost
+ We can create 10-15 new local jobs by composting
+ Marijuana dispensaries LOVE compost
+ We can divert up to 50% of waste to compost farms
+ The State Highway Administration is required to use compost and compost-based products for specified pollution mitigation strategies.

Through this pilot program, Go Green OC hopes to divert roughly 45% of organic waste from The Hobbit restaurant.  Take a second and imagine the possibilities of this kind of green footprint.  By just diverting 25% of compostables, trash trucks won't have to do as many pickups.  Less pickups equate to big savings for Ocean City.


If you would like more information about this topic.

Josh Chamberlain - Founder, Go Green OC,  gogreenoccampaign@gmail.com - 443-880-6765