Covanta Wrote Us A Letter - We Wrote Back

On May 9th, Josh Chamberlain presented his case for recycling and composting in front of the Green Team of Ocean City.  You can watch the speech or read it here.  The Green Team's objective was to determine if the matter should proceed to the Mayor and City Council.  You can also read a news article about the meeting here.  At the end of the speech, the floor was opened for questions and comments.  President of the Green Team, Tony Deluca spoke up mentioning that he "researched incineration for two weeks" and found that it was best for Ocean City.  The audience erupted in anger and community members were upset that the issues were not being taken seriously.  After all, Josh Chamberlain simply wanted the town of Ocean City to "request information".   

What is the harm in requesting information?  It's free.  How can we not better our community without the power of education?  Why does the "Green Team" feel that composting and recycling is not an issue?  After all, they are the GREEN TEAM.  

After the speech, the incineration company Covanta, fired off a letter.  They felt misrepresented in the speech.  You can view the letter along with our response here.  

Researching the trash incineration has not been easy.  It does not take "two weeks".  It's not something you can do while watching a Netflix show and surfing Google.  Most answers exist in complex databases and websites with multiple parameters.  Our team did lots of leg work over the course of several months making hundreds of phone calls and meeting with multiple advisors, consultants, officials and organizations.

After the meeting, Go Green OC received numerous messages and emails.  We had new volunteers join the team, several businesses contact us showing their support, and community members reaching out to us daily..  Even though the meeting was disappointing, it generated an overall positive response.